Tuesday, 24 August 2010


During the early to mid 60's period, before the Tay Road Bridge had been completed, the Dundee public were given occasional glimpses into the future as to how the new bridge would look. Most often it would be artists impressions showing the slick design, other times we would be shown images of models like the ones above.
This item about the bridge comes from a 1964 DC Thomson publication called "Dundee and round about" and has on display, models of the twin columns and the inner ring road approach. This was 2 years before the bridge opened, so it was all looking very modern at the time of course!
These were the actual models that were used during the planning stage when it was work in progress, and you can see these very models crop up in the short film clip below, showing the bridge design team in action!
Click image above to read the enlarged version.
Thanks to Neale Elder for the above items.


  1. Just back from a weekend in Dundee, first since I graduated from there in 1971! Nice to see the bridge - so different from how the area looks now.
    Thanks for all the historic posts about the city - I only spent a year there but like to see what went on there!

  2. I have that book.Dundee was going through big changes back in the early sixties and there are some great pics in it.

  3. Loved the video, is there any more of it please?

  4. Been looking for a copy of this book for a while. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of a copy which is for sale, I would be most interested in purchasing. Cheers

  5. Anonymous, there's a copy up on AbeBooks.co.uk, seller in Crail.

  6. Hi Neale, thanks very much for the tip-off, just purchased it. I Remember my father had a copy of this book in the 60s when I was just a kid and been looking to add this to my growing collection of dundee books and films for a while, but didn't know what the title was, what a coincidence it should turn up on my favourtite blog. Thanks again and Regards, KLB.