Saturday, 5 December 2009


Influenced by the punk DIY fanzine craze that began in '76, Bruces Record Shop started up their own in-house publication called CRIPES, given away free at the shop counter. The contents consisted of blotchy xeroxed graphics, record info, gig updates and ads.
So what we have here is a page from Cripes showing their top twenty singles for week ending 27th August 1977. What might surprise some of you is the sight of Dundee's NRG outfit, The Drive, up there at #3.
Bruces back then was at 33 Reform Street, with Jim Stewart running it.
The shop was always buzzin'!
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  1. I mmind o that top 20 listing thing. I once gave the drummer o the only ones a " i got it at bruces badge", and he wore it on an album cover.I wanted commission LOL. nah seriously,was like a wee bible those zines. I still have all the freebies from sniffin glue etc.I bet theres a wee fotune in my loft. / leaves, to go "posing at the Roundhouse."
    lesley g

  2. Some great tunes listed there but for me the best has to be the Buzzcocks 'Spiral Scratch'. Three fantastic tunes - Breakdown/No Friend Of Mine And Boredom ... with the best ever guitart solo !

    B'dum B'dum

  3. "When Billy's there. Oh yeah!" Nice to see you are still diggin' punk rock lesley. Happy days when you were spoilt for choice on what records to buy.