Friday, 4 December 2009


A new release by The Scrotum Poles has arrived. The album called "Auchmithie Forever" is a collection of rare and previously unreleased material from 1979/80. The tracks, taken from stoory old tapes, have been given a wee clean and can now be heard in all their original D.I.Y glory. The homemade lo-fi sound is part of their allure of course (a bit like slipping into your favourite old grungy jeans), with the tracks on it done in a bedroom in Balunie Drive and at rehearsals in the Coffin Mill.
The fact that the Scrotes original recordings are pretty impossible to track down these days, makes the album good value, being able to have a large batch of their songs at not too much expense. And that's not hype...I watched a copy of the SP "Revelations" ep fetch a price of £134 on Ebay 2 weeks ago.
There is a vinyl LP version (which has almost sold out) and an MP3 version available, with no plans for a CD. 
The LP, having a gatefold cover, has the added bonus of lots of photos, notes and lyrics.
The Scrotum Poles are particularly popular with the present generation of young American dudes, making main man, Craig Methven, in demand with the music press in the States right now!
Yes, the retro sound of punky Dundee is selling very well, and a track from it called "You Can't Say Anything Nowadays" is one for you to tune into.
Don't forget to crank up the volume!!
Big THANX to Smeg.


  1. Didn't want the main caption to go on for too long so thought I'd drop an extra bit of info here.
    The photo on the sound sample is The Scrotum Poles playing at The Galleon. Some of you will have no doubt sussed that.
    A gig with Street Level?
    If so, I was at this one!

  2. Some good sights of Dundee tenaments with sounds from Sp's in attached url

  3. Do you have a link to buy the vinyl album?

  4. The Dulcitone link in the caption will take you there. Once on, click the album cover to move onto album details and ordering info.

  5. I was the DJ at this gig in The Galleon.
    We gave out Scrotes and Major Longhorn badges along with cotton buds to clean out your ears to draw full benefit.
    The manager's wife called the band 'The Scrutom Poles' and was complaining they'd paid them instead of making them sell their own tickets.
    I felt sorry for the lads and took no payment for the gig.
    These days I am reassuringly expensive.