Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Here's a place that would be doing a roaring trade this time of year - the Draffens Perfumery and Cosmetics Department (it's posh title).
The photo was taken in 1968, so lots of Coty and Yardley on display no doubt.
Of course, not being a regular visitor to this part of the store, I've not got much to say about it - shopping for Christmas gifts probably the only time I was there.
I can remember being there in December 1973 when all the counters were lit up by candles because there was a power cut! That was during the 3 day week period, industrial disputes and strikes galore!
Draffens is also the only place in town that I can remember having revolving doors.


  1. jeeze,, imagine running a shop by candle light now ? the junkies would have a field day. I remember that era too, I was sent in the toon for candles, came back with big fancy curly things, that lasted half an hour !
    oh how my mother laughed.. NOT. !

    lesley g.

  2. Sniff.
    I loved Draffens.

  3. I remember walking through there thinking my nose would burn off with the stench of noxious odours. Also remember knocking over a whole glass display downstairs beside the "delicatessen" whilst running down to the toy department. I got shit for that.