Sunday, 6 December 2009


John Menzies moved out of their Commercial St/Murraygate corner position in 1983, and relocated further along Murraygate to the empty premises that was once Woolworth. This is a shot from the new location of their record department, taken in December 1983. The record racks were placed diagonally at first, as above, but by the next year they changed the layout of the racks to run parallel with the wall (see December 2008 Archives for comparison).
It's quite interesting to see the large display above the door advertising the very first "Now That's What I Call Music" album...the series being on volume 74 at present!!
And so, with this image, I will now fade out from the recent music theme and crack on with a couple of weeks of retro Christmas shopping!
Photo by DC Thomson


  1. bob marley, ozzy osbourne, motor head, barry manilow , ken dodd ?????? any more for anymore ? :)

  2. I bought the first Now album from John Menzies and it still sits in a cupboard along with the rest of the Now albums that came out on vinyl along with the rest of my old vinyl collection I won't part with those USB record decks are handy rigged up to the PC.