Friday, 18 July 2008


The first gig I ever went to was Slade at the Caird Hall.
The music press guide above shows that it was on 1 May 1974 to be exact.
The band were at their peak and I was still at school, so there was a great buzz around the playground with the thought of the band playing in Dundee.
At the Caird Hall there was also fair bit of commotion in amongst the audience as Slade dazzled the fans into a teenage frenzy, so it didn't take long for the crowd to leave their seats and rush to the front of the stage.
Great hearing all their hits live, and the band were so incredibly ears were hissing for days afterwards!
A fantastic introduction to the live music scene.
Also, during the concert they had a "look-a-like contest". 3 guys were plucked out of the crowd and paraded up on stage. The one who got the loudest roar from the audience, won - but the winner was such a spitting image of Noddy Holder, the other 2 didn't stand a chance!
The pictures above are from that very Dundee gig.
The top one has Noddy wearing his familiar disc covered top hat and hooped socks of course, and although Dave Hill is half hidden in the shadows on the right, you can see his "Super Yob" guitar shining bright!
The other shot of the band in Dundee appears to show Noddy having just clapped eyes on the photographer!
I am also somewhere in the crowd near the front but can't pinpoint exactly where!


  1. I was at Slade's concert, upstairs in the balcony. I think it was the day before my English O grade - my ears were buzzing! Dave Hill had his Super Yob guitar and Noddy Holder had to keep stopping the concert to have crushed people pulled up onto the stage.

  2. I was there as well - we were all standing on the seats and they collapsed - there was an uproar in the Courier next day with pics of the poor Caird Hall vandalised and threats of gigs being cancelled - it was tremendous!

  3. I was there too brillllllllll........