Saturday, 19 July 2008


Foreigners in Meadowside cropped up on the scene around 1980ish and became a bit of a regular on my drinking circuit.
Usually choc-a-block Fridays/Saturdays, it had blaring music which was a big attraction to us youthful types, even if it was mostly rock music which of course meant it wasn't always the most up to date sounds being served up - but one thing it always had going for it was a good young vibe in the place.
Keeping the rock theme going, I remember once, Phil Lynott stopped off to have a drink there before the Thin Lizzy gig at the Caird Hall..!!
Adding to the fun was the pub decor, the walls being absolutely covered in cartoons - all framed originals, the work of Roger Kettle of Beau Peep fame.

Top photo by DC Thomson.
Interior shot from Brian Wilson.
Advertisement (March 1981) from Neale Elder.


  1. The wee snug bit at the front window with the hatch to the bar was the prized spot.

  2. Cartoons also included

    Haggar the Horrible (between the male and female toilets)

    Andy Capp

  3. Foreigners was a great boozer. I frequented it from 1980-83 (ish!), mainly during periods when I should have been at college!
    Being a rock fan it suited me down to the ground, and I also enjoyed the saucy cartoons on the walls.
    Seem to remember that the barmaids were rather attractive too!
    Pity there weren't pubs like that today.

  4. That should have been 'aren't' any pubs like that - wrong grammar!
    Also meant to say that I too remembered Phil Lynott drinking there before a gig in Dundee.

  5. Foriegners always reminds me of John McLeod (Rat Poison)

  6. foreigners was the best pub in dundee no question!
    fav cartoon "unlucky chap old smethurst!"

    great vibe, mates were:- big dek, gordon, roy, graham, ralph, kate, ross (extreme newcy brown label peeler!) and the wife karen of course

  7. hi
    what were the bar staff again
    used to sit in window seat at door from 86 to 2003
    sad loss to dundee foreigners closing

  8. had a green monster last time i was in there

  9. I always marvelled at what a small world it was in Dundee from the point of view of never having far to go before you met a friendly face you knew. It seems that even after being away from Dundee for well over a decade I can look at a wee forum about my old favourite pub Foreigners and recognise Roddy (above). Roddy, don't know if you ever look back at these posts, but if you do it's Ann here, used to go out with Graeme, knew Karen, too, through Graeme, knew Ralph, Ross, etc...and, of course, remember you, Roddy, from Laings as well as Foreigners...still a small world eh? But Foreigners...ah, those were the best days (and nights)

  10. Have started a foreigners appreciation society on facebook , my plan is to have a reunion , just to get drunk with like minded oldies thanx

  11. i went to foriegners every day for bout 3 years i miss it soo much even now, id defo look up an apreciation club, my name then was donnah dorian, and you know it wasnt just a pub it was like a family, dont know who remebers betty and andy on bar, and the bands from poison streak to lyle ozborne to the dungbeetles, i went at the time of eric, james,barry m, ruth, kim, pete, howie, billy, gary, stevie, john laing,etc soooo mant people loved it!!!! x

  12. In its early days they would start the first half of the evening playing slightly milder rock albums by the likes of Fleetwood Mac and namesakes Foreigner, then around 8-9 o'clock they'd crank the volume up to max and out blasted Meatloaf, AC/DC, Van Halen...that's when you had to start shouting to make yourself heard. A conversation meant you'd be mouth to ear at close quarters rather than the usual chatting face to face!!
    Stella & Merrydown snakebite overindulgence would sometimes result in a visit to Ninewells to have your stomach pumped...oh yes, it happened..ha ha!!