Tuesday, 29 July 2008

HANSOM CAB - 1970's

The Hansom Cab, on the corner of Seagate & Commercial St, had a reputation for being a haven for underage drinking in the 70's. For many it was seen as the place to visit as your first "city centre" pub, and it was indeed very easy to get served when aged 16. I suppose it was a rehearsal for the more serious boozing that was to follow in your later years!
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG.


  1. I remember going to this pub when I was under age, my older sister used to take me, I had been in quite a few when I was just 16. I did not turn into a drinker, the opposite, I hate people who drink too much. I remember being in a pub at the bottom of Union Street and you had to be 21 to drink in there, I was 16. Annonymous. Dundee

  2. eek .. i can remember June that had it. i was with an older cousin, also underage but with confidence. I couldnt walk on the shoes i had on, so was propped against the bar ( sober) . i first ordered a vodka and diluting orange, as im sure i saw real women ask for that:)