Saturday, 26 July 2008


There can't have been many teenagers in Dundee in the 60's & 70's who didn't buy clothes from McGill's in Victoria Road. It was a regular stop for items such as school uniforms & sports gear, as well as casual clothes like Wranglers, Sta-Prest, Ben Sherman's, Harringtons, Dr Martens etc.
The clothing & footwear depts were in the store nearest to the Wellgate steps (as in above picture) and their sports dept was opposite, on the corner of Victoria Road & Hilltown.
This image was taken in November 1976.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. I got a white afgan and dessy boots and im sure it was a brown trout ;)

  2. I remember the Mcgills man or Magillys as it was known coming round on Friday for his money his name was John

  3. I remember the McGills Man coming around Lochee his name was mister Ellis. If your Maw didn't have enough money to pay then everyone kept quiet and didnae answer the door!!!!