Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Being in with the first batch of pupils at CHS when it opened in 1970 had its advantages and disadvantages.
On the plus side, all the classrooms had brand new equipment, all the desks & chairs, science gear, sports stuff and so on - all newly installed - and we had the honour of trying everything out first.
One of the disadvantages was that when CHS opened it's doors to us, some parts of the building were still being built and so these areas were out of bounds. For example, we had to wait many months before the swimming pool was finished and ready for use.
Mind you, it was worth the wait!
The picture above shows CHS under construction in 1969.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. I was an apprentice electrician on the site , I worked for Lowdon Brothers. I remember Walter Smith (now Rangers manager)was an apprentice also at that time with Lowdons but he never worked on Craigie High.

    Bought my second car from the "gaffer" in 1970 at Craigie High it was a mini van that cost me Pounds40.00.

    The only apprentice I can remember a joiner called Stan Macenernie who lived in Linlathen. Stan was a bit of a hard man and was always seen at the JM / Top Ten club in the late 60s /early 70s

  2. Went to CHS myself in the 70's. Built by Charlie Gray Builders I think for the sum of £700k. How times have changed - I think the new St Pauls near Asda was built for around £25m.