Friday, 1 July 2011


It's not just only buildings that disappear, sometimes it's the entire street, and here we are in the 80's bidding farewell to Mid Street.
Mid Street ran from the Dudhope Street/Hilltown junction, through to Constitution Road.
Top pic is from the Hilltown fork, Dudhope Street off to the right, Mid Street being demolished on the left.
The other photo is from Mid Street looking back over at the Hilltown.
It was time for it to go to make way for the Marketgait tunnel.
Photos by The Bear.


  1. Used to be a hardware shop on corner of Mid Street where I bought my tools during my apprenticeship, forget the name. Went to primary at Rosebank so remeber walking down this road plenty of times in the 60s

  2. Wasn't that Robertsons the Ironmonger, I have a vague recollection of the name, we were still using them in the early 80's

  3. Did it take you down to a set of stairs around from the Ladywell? i als vaguely remember a wee passageway next to the Terra Nova that led you down some dodgy stairs down a wee pendie to nearly the same place ! (i think)

  4. This goes back to 1974, but here's who were in Mid Street at that time...
    37 - McGill's (dept store)
    39 - James Findlay (joiners)
    44 - W.Robertson (ironmongers)
    42 - Neon Craft
    38 - Adams (sausages & pies)
    There were a couple of wee lanes off Mid Street - Ireland's Lane and Russell Lane.

  5. All that's left of Mid Street is the back wall of the old Bell Street Tech, and if you go down Paradise Road and look across the dual carriageway the old street nameplate is still there.

  6. Used to get paraffin from Robertsons all those years ago. Had my plumbing apprenticeship 'time out' bevvy night in the old Tarra Nova. Happy days

  7. Now then, I could link the 2 aspects of Merts comment together.
    I have an original badge from the 60s for "Pure Pink Paraffin" that has a pink elephant on it.
    So there you have it, a visit to Robertsons and a visit to the Terra Nova rolled into one!

  8. "On Mother
    Kelly's doorstep,----- down Paradise road/row" :=)

  9. hamish, hamish, give us a pint and a flemings pie and take they shiny shorts aff ffs LOL. Nobodys mentioned the ubique^v lodge that got demolished they were non too pleased from what I could gather and neither were the Unitarians.

  10. do you remember the sandy brae,s that run beteen dudhope st and mid st

  11. mid street...we lived in no 14 (archibald)still remember the outside toilet we shared wi our neighbour...6 of us in a tiny flat but still happy days.the iron monger used to sell my mum parafin ..we all went to rosebank ..left in 1967 when i was 5

    1. hi. did you live in the top floor flat? because my grandad lived in 14 mid street he left he was born in 1928. do you have any pictures of 14 mid street. thanks sarah

  12. I served my time with James Findlay and son Joiners