Monday, 22 August 2011


These outdoor toys were the kind of thing you'd treat yourself to during the 7 weekies rather than add to your Christmas list.
The top Air Base ad is from 1969 and is for 2 styles of aircraft - a glider and a propeller based plane.
I can remember these. They were sold in newsagents as well as toy shops and came in long paper packets. You just assembled them yourself with the plane parts interlocking together. They worked really well too.
However, because they were made out of balsa wood, and what with boys being boys, they didn't have a very long life. The good thing was though, that once one was smashed, you'd just go buy another one because they were pretty cheap.
The Jetex ad is from 1966 and is for 2 different products - the Jet Car and the Hydroplane.
These were proper toys (not like the previous disposable type) with solid bodies and motors.
I didn't have these particular models but I have a hazy memory of other boys mucking about with fast modern vehicles, so they may very well have been these Jetex ones.
Perfect summer fun for primary aged kids.

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