Friday, 26 August 2011


A glimpse along the High Street on 25th July 1985 caught this wee lad in the top picture carrying a couple of large balloons.
They don't appear to have cheered him up any mind you. Still girnie!
And a glimpse along Reform Street in the mid/late 80's caught these 2 characters carrying a heap load of balloons.
The balloons were used to advertise McEwans Ale who were sponsoring the Jazz Festival, the balloons being placed around all the venues where the gigs were taking place. So being snapped in Reform Street means they had just dropped a few balloons off at the Old Bank Bar. You can also see a jazz banner hanging above the duo in the middle image.
Colour photo by Neale Elder.
B&W photos by The Bear.


  1. Dundee is a bigger city than i ever imagined. all those great pictures of loads of folk and ive yet to spot one person i know.Try telling a Londoner where your from, chances are you will get in reply "Oh , you'll know "Thingy Thingy then, they stay in Dundee!!!! :)

  2. Yep get that all the time...... and the thing is you generally know the guy.