Sunday, 28 August 2011


They brought out the Royal banners in order to tart up the city square, the day the celebrations for the official opening of the Tay Road Bridge were taking place - so these photos were taken on 18th August 1966.
The top image is from the city square looking over at the old Overgate. Quite rare to see photos of the original Overgate in colour. The construction of the 2nd version of the Overgate (the concrete one) was well underway in '66, but you can't see any of the building work that's taking place, in shot.
In case you're wondering, the ad on the side of the red van is for Fish Fingers.
The middle picture is a similar view, but from slightly further down the square.
A nice array of classic 60's cars on display, as well as a wee reminder of the VG van.
The bottom image shows more banners, this time from the other side of the square - and judging from the eye catching black car in the foreground, it looks like they invited Batman!
Click onto the photos to enlarge if you want to have a look around.
Photos from Gordon C.


  1. Have never seen the start of the old Overgate in colour just so used to the Littlewoods/Primark building being there. It looks very different

  2. The buildings on the Nethergate side look ready to fall down, but the one next to Boots (behind the banners) has a handsome front - what would that have been?

  3. According to my 1966 Dundee Directory, the building next to Boots in the picture is James Scott & Co (Electrical Engineers).
    There are 2 guys lurking around its roof in the top photo!

  4. It's the street lighting I'm noticing. The ornate structures in the City Square are still there today, but look at those ultra-modern sixties lamp standards in High Street/Nethergate, erected even before the ancient buildings of the Overgate had been demolished. They, too, are history now.