Thursday, 4 December 2008


The Odeon was a picture house I used to go to occasionally rather than regularly. Main reason being it was at the other end of town to where I lived and it needed 2 buses to reach it. It was probably the plushiest of Dundee's cinemas though, from what I can remember of the 1960s/70s period.
A part of the build up to the main movie features were of course the Pearl & Dean adverts on screen, and here below are a couple of original P&D ads from the late 60s/early 70s era to transport you back in time!


  1. Used to go there every week back in the 70's, great cinema. Ice cream at break time too.

  2. I used to go every Saturday morning to the kids club with my Curley Wurley.
    My Uncle Bill was the projectionist here and I remember him saying that Odeon stood for Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation...probably not true but it's a good wee story.

    I remember queuing for ages to see the Doctor Who film (with Peter Cushing in it) and not getting in.
    The shop next door was a sweetie shop (maybe Birrels) and it sold big transparent red lollies with polo mints for eyes.

    I remember my dad taking me to see 101 Dalmatians and also going on a family evening out to see "Diamonds are Forever". I also saw, of all things, Carry On Matron there!

    What a pity it was knocked down to make way for Safeway then ultimately a derelict Lidl.

  3. I used to go the saturday morning shows as well.
    Champion the wonder horse etc, brilliant,That doesnae have bring back memories

  4. Great to see this image of the Odeon at top of the Hilltown. To this day, everytime I pass that circle I still think of the Odeon and the Saturday morning kids shows there... then meeting my mum and off shopping down the Hilltown, AC Burnside for staypress etc.

  5. got took by the skale, the logie, in 3rd year to see the inn of the 6th happiness, along with the 3rd year from the johnies. odeon used to do midnight shows in early 70s, got fucked up by gang idiots.
    pearl and dean was a real hoot. an advert for chinese food would show a really plush restaurant with gorgeous waitresses, then tell you to go to the hong kong in seagate, which was a total midden.
    good to see something about old hong kong, it was a real dundee institution at the time.

  6. Seems everyone went to the saturday morning kids club. Still got the card I got for my eighth birthday from the odeon back in the 60s thanks to a hoarding Gran. Was checking out google street view, I know times change but it's sad to see what's become of a beautiful old building. And my old primary school,Macalpine, is gone too. Ah well, c;est la geurre.

  7. yes remember the saturday show well, with danny the dragon, and flash gordon, ah the bairns screeming fir the baddies and goodies, pure class when we wir kids