Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I never thought I'd be able to put the top photo to good use but seeing as I mentioned Bruce's carrier bags in the previous post, I've decided to plonk it on here.
It's a John Menzies carrier bag and this is me arriving home with yet another album - picture was taken in 1975.
And just what LP is lurking inside?
Well it was a brand new release back then - Led Zeppelin with "Physical Graffiti".
The slogan on the carrier is - IT'S IN THE BAG.
The example underneath it is another JM record department carrier bag, this time from the 1980's.


  1. Being a Saturday girl in this store for about 3 years I can confirm that:

    The Ground Floor
    Newspapers and Magazines
    Posh Pens and Walkmans

    First Floor
    Video Rental Library (!)

    Second Floor
    Scalectrix and Hornby
    Santa's Grotto (seasonal)

    Each floor was punctuated on the landing with computer games machines. Fist Floor definitely had a Galaxian ...I can still hear all the pings and whirley noises!

  2. I loved John Menzies! I can remember it very clearly, each level. My dad bought me my first digital watch from the ground floor when I was 9 or 10. A big, clunky Casio - 'shop-soiled' it was, so a few quid off. If you pressed the middle button hard enough a wee dim light came on. Fantastic.

    Also remember the throngs who came to see Tom Baker signing copies of Target Dr Who books. We didn't meet him, but I mind the crowd parting for a second and catching a glimpse of the man himself... grinning crazily at some young fan. It was like seeing Jesus in your local shop, or something!

    Later I used to hang around the toy department during school lunch hours, poring over the new Empire Strikes Back toys in stock and watching the TV up in the corner which showed Star Wars on a loop. I'm surprised they never chucked me out as I never bought anything.

    On the landing next to the lifts there they had a train set under glass, that – when it worked – would take a 10 pence piece (the big ones!) and you could press a button to make it go.

    It was never the same when it moved premises. Lost its magic, somehow.

  3. i remember queuing to meet tom baker and getting him to autograph one of the books dr who and the loch ness monster
    one of the assistants controlling the queue told us someone came down earlier with original dr who annuals and books and got them autographed
    bet they are worth a few quid now as collectors items