Friday, 5 December 2008


Not a full house for this gig on 8th October 1979 but it was still quite lively!
Buzzcocks did come up with a few punk-pop classics in their day it has to be said and it was great to hear these gems blasting out live in the Caird Hall.
The crowd at the front of the stage were pogoing and gobbing like it was a punk gig from 1977 but the support band, Joy Division, was proof that alternative music had moved on to the next phase - it being almost 1980 and now time for the post punk/new wave era.
I can remember hearing the awesome electric drum on "She's Lost Control" and thinking how futuristic this Joy Division track sounded. I can still conjure up the image of Ian Curtis doing his agitated dance movements in my mind!
I used to have the Caird Hall poster for this gig on my wall too, printed in maroon & yellow colours. The poster did have Joy Division as the support act on it, whereas the ticket doesn't give them a name-check at all.
Unfortunately, I ended up chucking the poster out when I moved house, so my ticket stub is all I can display on Retro!


  1. Excellent. Just a shame Joy Division are demoted to 'guests' on the ticket.

    I've saved up the tickets of all the gigs I've ever intended, and I hope some of them have this mystique 30 years on too.

    Keep 'em coming!

  2. Joy Division didn't have a great sound that night, but still memorable. Always remember that most of the crowd weren't that interested in Joy Division. Once the Buzzcocks came on everyone was up on their feet. Great night. Would have loved to see them at the Ambassador before Garth left.

  3. This was my second ever gig (Boomtown Rats at the Caird Hall two nights before was my first one) and I've still got the photo that the Courier printed of the Buzzcocks onstage. It was taken from above and behind the band, so shows the entire crowd!

  4. I seem to remember Joy Division being booed off. I also remember The Buzz walked off. I do recal the Lead man saying. In a very camp way "Stop spiting please"

  5. Ian Curtis took an epileptic fit during the gig and the set was cut short.