Thursday, 1 December 2011


1978 saw Dundee University win TV's "University Challenge".
The winning team above for the 77/78 series were - Tom McGhee - Isabel Morgan - Alistair Thomson - Enid Anderson.
I'm fairly sure this was the Dundee team who had a captain (so it would be Alistair) that answered every single music question that cropped up. What was amusing about it was he always supplied much more information in the answer than Bamber had written on his card, so generating a more enthusiastic applause from the audience each time!

The other quartet underneath is the Craigie High School "Top Of The Form" team of 1974.
This, however, was not the TV version or the radio version of the show, but a general knowledge contest between local secondary schools organised by the Dundee police.
In the photo, L to R - John Muir - Rab Gordon - Richie Robertson - Craig Methven.
CHS got through to the final but were beaten by those pesky swots at Morgan!
The Morgan winning team were - Kenneth Millar - Alex McMichael - Gwendoline Bowden - John Todd.
Thanks to Craig for the CHS snap.


  1. Craig practices pre-punk stare at camera.

  2. I encountered Richie Robertson recently and he still has that scowl

  3. That's frightening- can't remember ever seeing that!
    We wiz robbed in the final- our specialized subjects-,just what are school uniforms,the womens underwear section of your mothers clubby book and advanced doofers( chewed up paper adhered to the classroom ceiling using advanced physics) didn't come up so we struggled against a bunch of serious scholars.
    None of us ever got over that loss.
    Craig was actually our team mascot who we sat on the table to try and put the other lot off.Nearly worked!
    Ha ha jmuir

  4. John,

    I remember going to the Grove and beating them, and somewhere else - aargh - and was it the Savies came to us and got gubbed?

    Anyways I remember we were all sh*tting ourselves in the final. Kathyrn somebody subbed for Rab - he was ill and I scored 17 out of 20 and you scored 10.

    Had the highest score and got a runners up medal. I have never recovered. Sob.