Thursday 1 December 2011


Now some pages from a 1981 Craigie High School magazine.
This issue covers the period from the end of 1980 to the beginning of 1981, and because 1980 was the 10th anniversary of the school, the first couple of pages take a look back over the decade. It refers to things like the first 300 pupils to attend CHS back in '70 (my mob) and also has a reminder of the 4 Houses that were set up in the early 70's. However, for some reason, CHS didn't retain the House system for very long.
Also news about new teacher arrivals and a couple of retirements, including Mr Higgins, the art teacher who designed the school badge.
The next couple of pages are an interview with Radio Tay DJ, Graham Stuart, the chit chat conducted by Mandy McQuire & Karen Conway.
Lastly, it's party time at CHS - 3 different parties in fact - first being a Fancy Dress Disco for Hallowe'en, followed by their Christmas Masquerade Ball, complete with visit from Santa, and finally another good night was had at the St Valentines Day Disco.
A few photos of the pupils in costume too - just click onto the pages to view the larger size.
I can tell the DJ played The Gap Band's "Oops Upside Your Head" anyway!!
Thanks to Neale Elder.


  1. Interesting to see the article by Mr French. I had heard he'd died a couple of months ago, there was a write up in The Courier about him. He was nice bloke.

  2. That's sad - he was a nice guy. To be fair most of them were. We were quite fortunate at Craigie in that era.

    I've just had a look at the school website and it appears there is only one teacher left there out of the 1981 staff - Mr Flett (dressed as the jester in the disco article).

  3. Interesting to read about Mr French and sad to hear of his passing. My memory is of an excellent group of science teachers at CHS at that time with Mr French and Miss Campbell to the fore.

    The photos the fancy dress disco bring back many memories. That was my last (6th) year at CHS and many of the faces are familiar but names escape me now, but I'm sure that the fireman in the bottom right is Charlie Shepherd. At the bottom left, the Dracula character looks a lot like Angus Morrison and the punk with the big round glasses is perhaps Ian Taylor.

  4. ..and I think the St Trinian's girl might be Kim Stewart.

  5. Could be Kim, or maybe Kirsty Watson.

    I was in the year below and most of the names escape me too. The 'Milky Bar Kid' is, however, Andy Menzies and 'Just William' is Craig Mudie.

  6. The top right picture of the girls dancing are Denise Wilkie, Jane Sim and Norma Borland. It seemed like only yesterday.

  7. So sorry to hear of Mr. French's passing but also so glad to have known him and been taught Science and Chemistry by him. Thanks to men and women like him I am now a Maths teacher in London and remember my teachers at Craigie High School (1980-86) very fondly.

  8. the only person i recognise in the pic is mr flett but in '81 i would only have been in 1st or 2nd year. sorry to hear mr french passed away, as neale has said most teachers were quite good. always remember annie oakleys class being a riot though as opposed to miss campbell's class which was quite strict.

  9. I can remember the disco. It was my last year at the school and a group of us organised it. We all got dressed up in fancy dress, it was great fun. Couldn't remember everyone, though some of the previous comments have triggered names. Kim Stewart and Wendy McGavin were the St Trinian girls,(Wendy not in this picture, but I have one of us all from the night) Charlie is the fireman, Caroline Muir is below dracula, Susan Strachan is the scout and Jenny Dickenson is dancing with the lolly in her mouth. I think Mr McKenzie (art) was the american footballer, not sure.

  10. Mrs Stewart the French and RE teacher was a vindictive cunt. McKenzie the Art teacher was not right in the head. Mr Flett was a decent guy, treated us like human beings, Mr Jack the Art teacher too. Was scared of Gauld the Geog dude, thought he liked administering the belt too much but a good teacher. Fave was Mr Cord, he dressed like Leo Sayer from the 70's. Kind soul, not a bad bone in his body.

    1. Mrs Stewart made my 3 years French an absolute nitemare.
      Mr Cord encouraged and helped me embrace my creative art side. Still think of him nowadays.
      Had a soft spot for Mr Reid in English, he had his handfull with me but always found the best in me.
      Great trip to York about 1981, CHS really was a great time in my life

      Susan Sturrock (Forbes)

  11. Who remembers Hazel the Hun (Hazel Busby) she was my German language teacher,, one of the better teachers at CHS.Hated Mr Gauld and Mr O,rourke but I do remember a Mr Fleming who was a great history teacher..i was at CHS 71-76.

  12. Must be old age it's Mrs Lusby not Busby and I seem to recall her husband was a P.E teacher. There was also a Mrs Mazunder who was a maths teacher and I fondly remember Mr Eric Sharp who was a brilliant music teacher who at the end of the summer term in 74 I think plunder his cupboard and take whatever LPs we liked. Mines was Rod Stewarts Atlantic Crossing.

  13. There was nothing to like about Craigie High from Edward Donnelly

  14. I printed this particular issue from artwork supplied by the school. That border used on the Disco page was our exclusive design. JMS