Saturday, 27 August 2011


Approximately 20 years separate these 2 shots featuring locals having a wee breather in the city square.
The top picture is from the mid 60's and has a mix of elderly and younger ones occupying the benches.
The image under it was taken in July '85 and shows a group of mature gents resting their weary legs in the sunshine.
Perhaps the younger ones in the 60's photo are thinking about what exciting times life has in store for them 20 years into the future, and maybe the older guys in the 80's snap are reminiscing about their days back in the 60's!
B&W photo by DC Thomson.
Colour photo by Neale Elder.


  1. Why the "Welcome to Dundee" sign? was it part of a fair or something, i can't remember that being there for too long

  2. By the looks of it the "welcome to dundee" was more likly for the visiting Pigeons seeing the amount walking around in the

  3. The "Welcome to Dundee" sign used to be on the other side of the Caird Hall - seen as you approached Dundee by the bridge!!

  4. Anyone remember "The Hub" situated next to where H Samuels is today? It was also known as the "smallest shop on the planet" the width was approx 4 feet wide! It was run by the Lamb family (I am related). Would be interested if any older Dundonians remember this shop?