Friday, 14 August 2009


This t-shirt design was made to mark the occasion of the Sex Pistols gig at the Caird Hall on 1st December 1976.
The show, ultimately, didn't take place, but the date is still significant in the history of the band.
The reason for this Dundee date being a non-event was that just before the Sex Pistols set off on their December "Anarchy" tour which included this particular gig, they had to quickly re-arrange their plans at the last minute to enable them to appear on the "Today" tv programme that was broadcast live on 1st December 76. This of course was the infamous performance with Bill Grundy which became headlines in all the papers the next day. As a consequence of all this publicity, the Pistols were "banned" from most of the Anarchy tour venues, including Dundee's rescheduled gig for later in December.
Had the band played their Caird Hall show originally as planned, the Sex Pistols story would have been something else..!!
On the back of the t-shirt it shows the original Dundee date that never was.
The Sex Pistols did play in Dundee a couple of months earlier at Tech College (the Bowling Alley) so at least they did manage to do their stuff in town before the ban!!

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  1. I was at the bowling alley gig, me and a few mates were one one the first in and caught the sound check. It was a bit of a shambles as I recall, lot's a "gobbing", something we took offense to and ended up getting kicked out.

    This was pre-Sid Vicious, with Glenn Matlock, (who looked like he was the only guy who knew what he was doing) on bass.