Friday, 17 July 2009


Time for a wee celebratory drink...
That's a year today Retro Dundee made it's first appearance.
382 posts later, the good news is that I still have tons of stuff to go on view, so it looks like it will be going for quite a while yet.
I am, however, gonna use this moment to have a summer break now.
Thanks again for all the comments and other contributions - keep them coming!
Anybody new to Retro, remember that all 382 posts are still active and you can view them by clicking onto the dates in the Archive column on the left of the layout. You can choose to scroll through them all or you can try the search box to hunt for something specific. New comments are being added to the older posts regularly so there will always be fresh material to read, even when I'm away, should you fancy backtracking over what's on so far.
Feel free to get in touch using the Retro Dundee email address above. All retro period photos, memorabilia, mp3s & vid clips with a Dundee theme, welcome.
And I'll be back with a new batch of goodies in August.
See ye later.....last look!!


  1. enjoy your hols retro


  2. Creamola Foam - my absolute favourite. Used to pick up cans of it and bring them down to London. But its now gone. Sob.

  3. Notice "Fully Sweetened" at the bottom of the tin, I think Main, Milne and Reid dentists of Bank Street must have had shares in the company as I'm sure my mouth of fillings is in part due to this wonderful tasting drink.
    Even saying Cremola Foam makes your mouth water.

  4. happy anniversary GG keep up the good work , now what was "nesquick " again???? ;)

  5. Have fun, looking forward to the new stuff!

    LOVED Creamola Foam!

  6. Creamola Foam was the best...reminds me of the SAS shop ( sasparilla ) by Stobswell School.

    Have a great vacation....really like this site! so many memories of home.

  7. Brings back happy memories, sarsaparilla I enjoyed from Greenhills the chemist in the old overgate.sasparilla.

    Have a good holiday retro, look forward to the next post.

  8. Happy Birthday Retro...fantastic! Thanks.

  9. Didn't someone advertise for anyone who had an original tin of Cremola Foam to come forward, because they'd forgotten the recipe?