Monday, 11 July 2011

I & N RECORDS AD - 1980

I already have an item up on Retro that covers I & N Records presence in town, so if you need refreshing, you will find it in the January 2010 archive.
This ad above is dated 1980 and highlights the fact that they stocked many music genres.
I splashed out on all of the ones mentioned, except Country & Western.


  1. A fine punk rock department in its day.

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    I'm reposting this snippet from the previous I&N thread here (Monday, 18 January 2010)...
    I & N - the first record I bought in the Crichton Street shop was "Warm Leatherette" by The Normal on the Mute label. I had to wait 6 weeks for it to arrive from the day I ordered it. (Chalmers & Joy was my regular record shop but they were a bit slow in cottoning on to the fledgeling "Indie" labels.)

    Actually the situation was that until around '78-9, C&J only dealt with the major labels and I think John @ C&J had to badger his boss for permission to deal with the indie distributors.

  3. Blimey! Six weeks to get a record. I always thought I&N were pretty on the ball for punk/new wave releases. Grouchos up the Perth Road was always good.

  4. Re I&N's initiation of punk into dundee.
    I had the enviable position of being the sales assistant responsible for the 'punk room' 1977-80 - the room accessed by an entrance corridor from crichton street, parallel to the main entrance.
    I met many new,current and dedicated punks. Band members and groupies would regularly visit on a Saturday morning to socialise and drop off posters for gigs happening around the town. The happening band of the time were mispent youth amongst others.

  5. used to pop in that shop every day,because i was in love with the girl who worked there,her name was Jill Harvey.alas she broke my heart