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Formed in 1979, Saint Andrew & The Woollen Mill were regulars on the Dundee music scene by the time these 3 articles were written about them in the early 80's.
They stood out from your average local band because they specialised in humour, with plenty of well known tunes getting the comedy mash-up treatment in their set, along with their own quirky material.
You may get an idea of their silliness from the list of influences they mention - Kenny Everett, Dolly Parton, Patrick Wayne, Rolf Harris...etc.
I remember them doing their version of "Close Encounters" at the Tayside Bar and The Bothy - one of those hand held Casio mini keyboards was used for the famous UFO encounter tune bit, I think it then burst into a kind of disco groove!
They also had a few songs in oor oary local lingo.
The line-up in 1981 was - Andy "St Andrew" Pelc, vocal - Stewart Ivins, guitar - Eddie (Chris?) Marra, keyboard - Gus Foy, bass and Glen Jones, drums.
The band have released quite a few records over the years and I'm fairly sure St Andrew still performs from time to time.
So, the 3 items above...
Top, is an interview in Deadbeat, which the band did just before their gig at the Tayside Bar on 22nd December 1982 - and also includes a short review of the show.
Middle one is a brief, light hearted introduction to the band taken from a 1981 Cranked Up.
The bottom piece is a live review of another one of their Tayside Bar gigs which took place earlier in 82.
Jock not impressed - saying that they were just going through the motions for beer money!
Click them to bring up the large versions.


  1. Andy Pelc was one of my lecturers at Duncan of Jordanstone. Fantastic bloke with a fabulous sense of humour.
    Lovely guy.

  2. Does anyone know if Andy Pelc is related to Stan Pelc?

    1. yeah he is, stan pelc is my dad

  3. Saint Andrew did put the brilliant primary school playground rhyme to music - "Eech Meech Hens Keech Toly Bum Fart".
    Surely that's worth an award of some sort!!
    Wonder if he knows this one we used to chant in the playground in the 60's - "PJ Proby has a ten foot toby" - a classic!!

  4. .
    The original St Andrew web site (last updated 2000), "The Word On The Weh'b", has been archived by the Internet Archive:
    (Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.)

    Unfortunately, the archive doesn't always capture all the graphics and this is the case with "The Word On The Weh'b".
    However, all the pages and text (and some of the graphics) are there so you can again enjoy browsing the ""Dundickshonary
    and Saintandrewsaurus".
    These hallowed pages can be found at:-

    "Well my name is Saint Andrew and I’m here to tell you whuh’ the story wis then and whuh’ the story is noo
    I fund masel beh the side o’ a loch wi a vat o’ veeps and a flask o’ hough
    Eh looked aroond and eh thocht “och!”
    It’s rare t’be alehv – is it?"


  5. He refers to the link I put on at the bottom of the caption as his "Websicht".

  6. andy and stan are brothers. lesley g.

  7. Lesley - thanks. I had wondered.

    Retro - the version I learnt at Balerno was Eech Neech, Broon Keech...

    There was also Bum, Tit, Tit, Bum, Tit, Tit, Play the Hairy Banjo. Among others.

  8. We are entering into the realms of "Milk Milk Lemondae, roond the back Chocolates Made"
    Of course you have to do pointing along with this.

  9. oops Lemondae=Lemonade

  10. Of course, some of us from Balerno went on to better things... :S Not many...

  11. And he showed it to the wummin next door..........(continue felow retro-istas)

  12. ...she thought it wiz a snake...

  13. so she hut it wi a rake

  14. and now it's only fev futt four!

  15. "Wonder if he knows this one we used to chant in the playground in the 60's - "PJ Proby has a ten foot toby" - a classic!!"

    In 1982 there was a cassette release of The Woollen Mill Story- the PJ Proby song is on it. Don't know if it was ever released on CD>

  16. The Woolen Mill Story was released on CD in the 90s. It was only sold in Grouchos I think. It had extra songs on it, with Lloyd Anderson on drums who I'm guessing was still with the LA Allstars at the time. I got my copy there and Andy happened to be in the shop and I got mine signed with the dedication "Yer aff yer heid!! St. A"
    Not long after they did a one-off show in the Rep which was a great night. Oddly enough about two days after that show I was rewiring a house off King Street when the painter & decorator came in, none other than Gus Foy!

    Must be about time for a 30 year reunion of the Woolen Mill...

    Peace on earth and Earth on piece!!

  17. I didn't know they did a version of the PJ Proby chant, I'll have to keep a look out for that one.
    Incidentally, I can remember that this chant started up in the mid 60's after PJ Proby had a bit of a mishap on stage. The public were shocked when he burst his breeks and revealed all in mid performance! It made the headlines.
    I can also reveal that Jock's scathing review, was a St Andrew's request. When at the Tayside Bar gig Andy asked Jock to give them a really bad review, just for kicks, so Jock wrote it there & then on the spot, and Andy gave it the thumbs up!
    Comedy's a funny old business!!

  18. I went to see a show at the Bonar Hall about 1985 which was to raise funds for the Cyrenians. Big Andy was the compere for the night,with the usual suspects,Michael and Chris Mara,Gary Clark,Ged Grimes Allan McGlone (pre Danny days and Gary had hair),Brian McDermott and various female chanteusses whose names escape me. The raffle draw was a riot.It was released on video,through Groucho's for the princely sum of £10.

  19. The definitive version is:

    This is the word according to Rockwell Primary.

  20. Sorry, I forgot the Hens

    Schoolgirl error

  21. It's definitelty meech.

    This could go on and on...

  22. Only tinkies said feech.

    Which would make a good slogan for a Dundee Retro t-shirt.

    *hatches business plan*

  23. There was a game of tig called the "Feechy Touch", so perhaps there is a bit of cross-over confusion between the two.

  24. 'Feechs!'was a common expression of disgust in Macalpine Primary in the 60's.

  25. What on God's green earth is hen's "meech" ??

    It is deffo keech

  26. We all know it's hen's keech. That is a given. No one is debating that. It's the opening two words that we disagree on. I go for Eech, the way, what is the correct way to spell keech?

  27. The book I have at home - Collins Scots Dictionary - says keech (pronounced keeCH) as in loch.
    It doesn't have meech or feech in it which I think are Dundee makyup word variants.

    While I'm on - can Bridie answer this mystery - how can manage to type your words in BOLD format in the comments? The zone where you write comments doesn't have any editing option features!

  28. I know a wee bit of basic HTML

  29. Ooh yes, nice one. I'm gonna have to swot up and learn how to do that!!

  30. WOOLLEN is the UK spelling.
    WOOLEN is the US spelling.
    By jove I think I've got it!

  31. Nah it spelt Keich just google it

  32. Ok, let's not all get bogged down on the subject. I think it's been panned out enough as it is!

  33. OK Retro but thirs some poor yank guy wee a lassies first name and Keeck fir a second ain bet he disna ken its a shit name he has thats me all panned out now Retro

  34. Keech is a Scots variant of cack, which stems from the Latin 'cacere' - to defecate. I ain't shittin' ya!

  35. Its a shame that most of the comments on this subject alluded to italic started off quite well and went down the shunkie!!!

  36. Donny Couts (Hector O'Sexual) was the original drummer. Pete McGlone also played sax, sometimes Alan was in on the gigs too.



  38. School rhymes? Vaguely remember some song to the tune of Oh Suzannah... It went... 'Oh I come from Alabama where the... ' Forgotten the rest of it.. something about shovelling coal.